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March 16, 2007


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I love your shop and everything in it!! It is a great place to relax and browse for vintage treasures!


I wish you were closer... Next time I am in CT, I will sure to make my first visit. Love the pictures and blog!


Susan, I-spy-with-my-little-eye some amazing pictures of cottages. Ohh thank goodness I do not live near you, we would be broke !! Have a lovely Easter. Clarice


Hello, I just happened upon your lovely blog via Primrose Designs. I live all the way in CA but I was scrolling around and looking at your delightful pictures and I happened upon this photo containing a print of a little thatched cottage. The photo dates all the back to March 16. It is the top photo from that days post and it is the little print on the left I am interested in. If by the slim chance that is still available may I order it from you online? Maybe it is goofy to ask about something from all the way back in March but I figure it never hurts to ask! Thanks so much! Sincerely, Cece

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