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September 18, 2007


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Martha C.

Hear, hear! I share your dislike of the factory-rubbed-down edges purporting to look "antique" in Pottery Barn and a million other catalogues. It looks super fake anyway. You get to be green AND stylish when you recycle used items. (Not to mention thrifty.)

Thanks for the inspiration!



Great post! I coulsn't agree more - I love the idea of someone else "loving" a vintage treasure once I pass it on. And that dresser?! Just so adorable - love it for studio storage.


Oh, what a fabulous little dresser! I LOVE the old doll or play sized dressers, cupboards, and the like. I haven't been lucky enough to find anything quite like yours, but I did find a doll closet when I was in Portland Oregon last May. Don't you just love it when you find a vintage, pre-loved treasure like that?


I, too, adore the dresser. I admire your re-use of "obsolete" things. I will try to do better with buying old and not just get my fix at Marshalls. I just never seem to "find" anything at yard sales and the antique stores are way too pricey for my budget. I have been so inspired by the blogs I visit, though, I must try harder :<)

Cece Marie

Cheers to you! I so agree with EVERYTHING! you just said! Especially we Americans are guilty of wanting things shiny and new and it really is so gross when you think about it! It is a goal of mine to outfit as much of my home as possible in vintage everything! Instead of a new sofa, recover it! Instead of new furniture when you tire of it, freshen it up with a new color! Speaking of green (sorry, going to get on my soap box here!) I recently was reading stats about plastic bags on reusablebags.com. I bet since you are forward thinking and "green" you would find it interesting too! Well, if you ever tire of that sweet little dresser, you betcha I'll buy it! Ok, now I'm going to read your next post. Love this blog, always good stuff! Cece

julie (jane's apron)

I agree with everything you said...just love thrifted/re-purposed storage. I shared a picture last week of my vintage picnic tins (that are filled to the brim with stuff).


What a lovely use of the dresser.

Jill 00

dana in KC

We are such a disposable society--I love it that more and more folks are finally seeing the light and using old things in new ways. (Plus the quality of older items is usally superior to what you could buy new). I have long been accused of being a hoarder, packrat, etc., but I can't bear to throw something away that could be used by someone---I'm also sentimental--a bad combination sometimes. Thanks to you and all the others who share their vintage objects and teach us creative and useful ways to incorporate them into our homes.

the feathered nest

I came here by way of Rosie's Whimsy. I love the idea of using doll/children's dressers for storage!


Flea Market Queen

Love the dresser...
Perfect for your storage!
It is so darling...


Hi, it's Joan, in the Knit Nook. I love the doll dresser too. I'm always looking for new creative ways to store yarns and needles and other small knitting supplies, and the modern storage "concepts" being marketed today just don't do it for me. That's one of the reasons I feel so comfortable knitting at T-Party Antiques--my vintage yarns and buttons fit right in, not only because of the tone and general coziness, but because knitting has always been, by its very nature, thrifty and green. I learned to knit as a child, from women who unraveled sweaters to reuse the yarn, and I applaud the new knitters and other crafters of today who reuse and reimagine--making and donating shawls from leftover yarn, knitting squares to be used in blankets to be sent to disaster victims, even using things like plastic shopping bags as "yarn" to keep them out of landfills. But the best part is that each time you reuse something old, like the doll dresser, you're also creating art, and reshaping your environment. I hate the phrase "win win," but it certainly does apply.


Adorable dresser. Yep, I'm all for re-using, recycling...I buy furniture (and a lot of stuff) at the thrift stores that are bu** ugly, but have great shapes, well made & I recover them or repaint. I've been taking an upholstery class for over a year & a lot there find roadside freebies...the transformations are amazing.

I'm big on recycling daily...toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, kleenex boxes...all are recyclable cardboard.

Tote bags are gaining more popularity, which is great for reducing the plastic bag problem.


Hey, can I come live at your house?? Love your decoration sense! Love how you integrate the old things!

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