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April 04, 2008


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How neat! I didn't know you could make a digital copy of embroidered pieces. Janet's blog is great - I visit all the time. I'm an embroidery addict & am always stitching something. I have a suitcase of cute patterns I've collected over the years.

Yes, I definitely want this sweet pattern! How do I purchase? I have paypal.

dana in KC

Wow, I am so amazed at this computer "stuff". I had no idea that was possible. I am certainly a novice in the tech world, but I LOVE it and am always interested in learning about new ideas. I will check out Primrose Designs, too. Thanks for letting us know about the pattern.


You're welcome! It's a really pretty design and I was happy to be part of the pattern creation :)


I would love one!

Tammy in NE

I'd love a copy of this pattern! :o)

Linda Joan

Hello! Please sign me up! I would love to try to make this sweet embroidery!

LC in Houston

Thanks! I look forward to making this pattern...


I'd like a pattern too. Please email me the invoice. Thanks!

Virginia Wolfe

I would love a copy of this pattern. You come up with the neatest ideas. Thanks!

leslie hernandez

I would love a pattern. Please let me know what to do to get it. Can't wait. Thanks!

leslie hernandez

Sorry-I forgot my location-iy's Flower Mound Tx


Do you have any more of these patterns? I would love to have one if you do...Thanks Sue

Paula Duey

I would love to have this pattern!

Paula Duey

I'd love to have this pattern

Rita Bush

I love this pattern and need to find out how to get the Pay Pal so I can purchase this from you.


Lynne N

How adorable!!! I live in a grey stone cottage similar to this, although my garden is nowhere near this pretty. I'd love to purchase the pattern!

Kathi DeLeon

I would love to purchase this! Please send me an invoice. Thanks! Kathi

Ti Birchrose

I would like to order one copy of the Home Sweet Home Embroidery pattern. It's just right for my living room. :)

Helen Anderson

Hi, I Love the Home Sweet Home embroidery. I have looked for ages for one just like this! I live in New South Wales, Australia. 2782.

Helen Anderson

Hi, I Love the Home Sweet Home embroidery. I live in New South Wales Australia. I would like to order one. Kind regards, Helen.


Hi. I would like to buy one that is already embroidered and framed.My friends mother will be 60 and she has wanted one for years. Is this something you could do? I live in London, UK.

Susan Borgen

Re: [The T-Cozy] Alix submitted a comment to Home Sweet Home Embroidery Pattern.

Hi Alix,

So sorry! The one that is framed is not for sale; just the pattern is

available for purchase.

Thank you for your interest,



Hi Alix,

So sorry! The one that is framed is not for sale; just the pattern is
available for purchase.

Thank you for your interest,


patricia bell

please send me a copy of the home sweet home embroidery pattern or info on how to purcash a copy, as i would like to make it for my daughter and partner for there new home


Hi, I'm quite late to this I know, but is there any chance of purchasing this pattern? Can you email it?

I'm in the UK. Many thanks (and good work!)



Hello - I would love to buy the pattern for 'Home Sweet Home'
I live in the UK


Very honored to see your blog, I benefited a lot here, and it brings me a great deal of enjoyment.


Thank you for sharing this information. The information was very helpful and saved a lot of my time.

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