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March 06, 2009


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Happy Blog Day!
2 years, 408 posts...you need a recharge..your fingers are nubbins! Have fun with the redo, now that the hard part of painting is done. Now, I don't normally enter giveaways, but I cannot pass this up. I love Knowles pieces, the fabic is calico...nough said, and the plaque is so cute and 1930ish.
So here goes.....
My fav post is on July 31, 2008. The first blog post I ever read (okay I know I'm slow, but I've told you I'm computer illiterate).
Your garden post beginning with the vintage Woman's Dag mag cover to showing the exterior of your home. Made me wish we were neighbors. I quickly read your past posts from 07 and I was hooked.


Congrats!!! Happy anniversary!!

My favorite post is on november 2008. Beautiful pics, nice place and very cozy!

Rita Bush

Hey Susan Id love to be entered in this giveaway. These prizes are so adorable and I still love my tea cozy with the strawberrys I ordered from you a while back. It sits on top of my small china hutch that used to be my dear husband's mother's hutch. I think my favorite post from the past couple of years was the recent on "Tea and Company" because the magazine features your tea room which I loved to look at on a daily basis and cheered me up while Jimmy was going through his cancer. I have always wished I could own and operate my own tea room so looking at yours was a treat for me. Thanks and LOL, Rita

Sara A

I'd love to be entered in your drawing. I love your blue hall pitcher. I have a red hall teapot that I love.



You're how to on button flowers was my recent fav!

Happy blogiversary!


Dear Susan,

I love your blog and I think the one that really touches me is your love story - how you and your husband met while commuting to work. It speaks to the romantic in me! Enjoy your recharging break!


Renae Meredith

I'm a new follower. I love your blog. So beautiful. Looking back at past posts, I looooove the Sombreros Miniatura. I've always loved miniatures and the colors are so fresh and so vintage.

Claudia Hill

Happy Blog Anniversary! I don't know if this qualifies as an official post, but the tour of your studio was and continues to be my favorite! I love the colors, the vintage knick-knacks, the whole thing and it inspires me with hope that I may have my own studio some day!

black eyed susans kitchen

Congratulations to you! Although I don't comment on every post, you should know that I read them all and enjoy them tremendously. You are a very inspiring person, Susan. Keep writing!
♥, Susan


Congratulations on two years!

I'm horrible at choosing favourites, but I'd love to enter your giveaway if Canadians may.


I just love reading you blog. Your studio looks amazing! Enjoy the blogging break.

Mom Wald's Place

Hello Susan, Congratulations on your two years! How does it feel to be a blogging expert? I have to say I love Kitsch Encounter, so anytime you post photos here for it I have to savor every little item in them. Thank you for the eye-candy, and thank you for the drawing. -Mary


These are so lovely. I would love to have a tea party! Thank you.


Hi! I found your blog last year, and I've been lurking ever since! My favorite post is "Tray Chic" from Dec. 08. I started collecting trays just before that, so I really enjoyed that one. Love your blog!


WOW! #408 - that's a lot of posting and you deserve a break...but not for too long. I'm on #252 and I know that feels like a lot! ;-)


I'd love to be entered thank you. I loved your Pie Safe Revisited post. The colors and collectibles are everything I adore in a kitchen. Pam

Anne marie

What a neat giveaway. My favorite post was back in October 22, 2007 when you showed us how to make a button bouquet. I love this project as well as your blog!! Congrats on 408 posts - that calls for a celebration.


I love your blog! Congratulations!
The giveaway items are definitely drool worthy, too . :)


Wow thats a lot of posts! I'm not even to 50 yet!
Love your blog and the items in your givaway.


Happy Anniversary!
Your blog is lovely.
The Oct 10, 2008 post is one of my favorites. I adore vintage chenille, and seeing how you have given it such a wonderful new life is inspiring. The pillows and valance are so beautiful, and the chair and ottoman slipcovers are amazing. LOVE!


Kimberly Shaw

Congratulations on two years of a wonderful blog. It's always a treat to read your posts, and when I log on for a good read what always comes to mind is your post about your first studio opening and the delightful path with the arrow that pointed the way. I believe it was the middle of last November, 2008. Wish I could have been there. But, I also loved the post about your treasures in the library, too. Thanks for your generous give-away! There's going to be one lucky gal!!!

Eliuzabeth Holcombe

Happy two years! Your blog is such an inspiration!~~~XXOO, Beth


Hi Susan, congrats on 2 years! My how time flies. It's hard to pick a favorite post because your blog is one of my favs and I love all your posts. BUT, well, you can probably guess, it's that seashell mailbox! I'm still dreaming of creating my own! xo,suzy

Sue Cahill

You are such an inspiration, I love vintage and you sure have a knack of putting wonderful items together to give that great vintage look.

I loved the 1/18/09 post, the pictures of your studio sure made me jealous.


Hi Susan, Congratulations on two years! You always give away wonderful stuff and your tea is delightful! Congrats on another publication. Your first one in Romantic Homes was wonderful and that is where I found you and your tea room, still sad I never made it.

Have a wonderful weekend. hugs, Ellen


Happy Blogiversary! :)

I guess my favorite post is the first one I read--"The Anatomy of a Tea Sandwich." I was researching for my first EVER tea party, which I held last December.


Back in April of last year you posted about your "Chair Full of Flowers". I love that idea and can't wait to try it this spring! I am on the hunt for an old chair...Thanks for entering me in your drawing. What an adorable bunch of goodies! Enjoy your week off.

Stay Cozy,

Dawn Gahan

I had first started blogging and for some reason I remember this one post:

I loved your collection, the photo of your bookshelf, and I knew then that I could blog about the simplest of things and if I did it visually well and with the right words, it would work.

Congratulations Two years old. Just a baby and many more years to share with us!



I love your blog , and giveaways just have to be one of the most fun things EVER! Not to mention how great the items are! Enter me, too, please!!


Love your blog! and the giveaway...wow, fantastic! I'm seriously thinking I need one of those personal teapots!! My favorite reading has to be about the beach glass! I grew up going to the jersey shore and collected tons of beachglass and shells. Now if I had only kept them :(


Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! May 15, 2008...It was the Ride of Our Lives. I have thought about this post as recently I have spent time on both the Amtrak and MetroNorth line into the city....what a wonderful chance encounter! At some point, you also posted about Grand Central and a poster you created for a celebration...I have also thought about that one recently as I have compared my experiences at Penn Station and Grand Central. All my best for many, many more wonderful posts!

Cathy Santarsiero

Congratulations on two inspiring years!


Love your blog ...love your giveaway! Congratulations on such success. And ...I do believe that your 12/29/2008 post regarding the gown by artist Zoe Bradley was one of my favorites. That gown is (or was) to die for. Imagine made of paper, postcards and ribbon. Oh to be just a lucky Queen to have that gown.
Congrat's again ...and much luck in the future!

Lisa Martin

such pretty giveaway.


Hi Susan,
I've been checking your blog for a few months now. I'm soo glad I found it. I always feel happy after visiting here. Please enter me in your anniversary give-away. I'd love to win somehting from here.
Enjoy your break and getting your rooms back together.


Hi - Congrats on 2 years of blogging. I had a hard time picking a favourite post but the one about how you met your hubby is one of the most memorable.

Linda Rose

Hi Susan,

Congratulations on your 408th post! Of which - I have probably read most of them intrigued by your special moments shared with us not only of your family, great finds, crafts, teas, recipes and moments of wonder during your T-Party days - and all the others up to and including this post. But I must say - my favorite - and I just checked all the way back to January of 2007 for the post when you were featured in "Romantic Homes" - to read it again...you see - I loved your T-Party place so much - I went to their website and probably purchased the last three issues of that particular Romantic Homes Issue. I have them home - and I am planning on matting and framing some of the beautiful pictures of T Party and hang them in my dining room - as a reminder of my wonderful moments at T Pary. (However, I just scanned through your blogs - and noticed it doesn't go all the way back to the Jan '07 day of Romantic Homes) - What memories - going through them....However, I know my daughter Jean Marie who is now looking for a condo - would just love this giveaway - how lovely the memories of your place the enjoyment of the tea and tea accessories would bring to her in her new "digs". We miss you Susan!
Linda Rose


Hi Susan, wow two years already! Thats wonderful! I love your whole blog, especially when you show pictures of your kitchen and studio!

claire jones

Hi Susan,
I was just checking in, as it has been a while since I did so.
The whole Jones family misses you and T-Party Antiques Tea room!!!!!!!
Marcy is studying in Florence right now..
Sally is working on the Verizon Acct in NY.
Gogo, Page, and Shafer all are well..

I just wanted to say"hi"...



Hi Susan, I have enjoyed my beehive tea pot I purchased from you and the tea. My favorite post is where you showed off your shop. I would have loved to have visited it. Please enter me in.

natalie jo

Congratulations Susan! Imagine 408 posts...boy do you deserve a cup of tea or what! Have to say my favorite thus far is from November 10th 2008. That is one of the best pictures I have ever seen and your sentiments put to it concerning teatime breaks a great reminder to savor the little moments.
:)natalie jo


Wow Susan, 2 years! I don't know that I have a favorite post but you were the first blog that I ever read a little over a year ago. I loved reading about your Tea Room and your customers. I also thought the story of how you met your husband on the commuter train was wonderful. You're so talented - I wish you many more successful years of blogging and whatever the future bring for you! hugs, Erin


Susan, it has been an awesome two years knowing and reading about your life. I love the posts on your special work space...it was fun to see the transformation ad how you brightened it up with the simple touches..... Looking forward to many more posts. Happy Anniversary..... Mica Garbarino


My favourite post is the one about the embroidery cottages. They are just gorgeous!

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