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November 19, 2009


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Brenda Kula

I was a senior in 1975! How fun to see those clothes again!

black eyed susans kitchen

I love your history with Seventeen magazine! The fact that your daughter is in it now is just amazing. She really is lovely! I remember reading that magazine from cover to cover, starting with my 13th birthday.
♥, Susan


Oh how fun. Thanks for sharing this magazine & all the fun fashion.

Kimberly Shaw

Memory lane revisited!!! In HS I so looked forward to my Seventeen Magazine. I actually remember this issue. I don't remember anything about run-away inflation, mounting unemployment, low public morale, uncertain moral guideposts or discredited national leadership. I just remember wishing my super straight brown hair was blond and wavy like the girl on the cover. How funny is that? What a wonderful memory you have with this special issue.


What fun. I had a blonde version of the hair style on New School Verve. I was a senior in 75 in Cincinnati. This brought back great memories, I loved Seventeen! How wonderful for your daughter too.


I remember that issue! I recognize those pictures!! xo, suzy


Holy cow, I think I remember that issue 'cuz that "Girl on the Go" page looks so familiar and the makeover page, too! I was 15, and remember reading Seventeen.

Donna Schuele

Was a senior at another high school in Cleveland Hts. in 1975, but it was great fun to have Seventeen paying attention to our not so little suburb! Sergio, one of the makeover beneficiaries, became a classmate in college, and is now in the restaurant business in Cleveland.

Anne McGill

I was 15 in 1975 and I remember reading this issue. I loved the clothes. I also had my sister cut off 12 inches of my hair so it looked like one of the girls in the story. Fond memories reading Seventeen over and over.


Anne~ Thanks for sharing that 17-mag high school memory!

kirby carespodi

Thanks for having this available--I write a humor blog and needed the cover of a magazine from that era. I am giving you a shout-out in the post!


No problem, Kirby!

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