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January 23, 2010


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Oh a bag would be so fun! I am SURE you could find a pattern online somewhere!!


I am a st.louis native who found your blog a few days ago and enjoyed reading about wash u and your overalls from the 70's. What I am most impressed about is your ability to still wear them ~ even if they are snug...not many people can say they can still fit into jeans they wore in the 70's...I would therefore keep pulling them on and enjoying that fact! love your blog and your website and am gonna have to order some tea soon!


Before you cut them, do you have a daughter or niece that might ever wear them? If not, I vote for a bag!

As an embroiderer, I think the overalls are beautiful. I don't think I've ever used overalls and beautiful in the same sentence before!


I think I would keep wearing them. I used to wear overalls all the time in the 70's. They were so comfortable! When I was a camp counselor, all of us embroidered our own denim shirts. Oh, I loved that shirt and I have no idea where it is!



Unfortunately, wearing them is out of the question. It's a lot easier to pull off overalls if you are 19 then when you're 50. Not a good look for me at this point! Plus, I'm ten pounds heavier, so though I can still get into them, they are snug. When my 19 year old daughter saw the overalls in my studio last week, she was intrigued but not enough to even try them on. It was more like. "What are those?!" I guess overalls have fallen out of favor, but I sure loved wearing them in the late 70's.

C. Dianne Zweig

This is a lovely post.....it brought back funky fun memories..thanks for the GREAT post....Dianne

Susan Freeman

Your overalls are wonderful and the embroidery is so perfect. What makes them so special is that they were so beautifully made by a dear old friend. I also agree that the social networking sites are such a great way to re-connect with friends. I found some old childhood friends through the internet and we have had a great time catching up and staying in touch. New blogging friends are a gift too.


I used to wear denim overalls all the time back then, too. How cool that you had your friend's embroidery and that you re-connected. I think I would keep them just as they are...ya never know, maybe your future grand-daughter would love 'em. :)


Wow, My 30th reunion is Feb 6th. How cool would it be to wear something from '79?!?...remember the Jessica McClintock lacy, frilly calico dresses? HA LOL....
I'd be lucky to get an arm in. Darn another reason to go shopping. I vote for a tote, it's perfect for that.

Julie Q

I think a small purse to keep your treasures in, or embroidery threads or jewels.

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