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May 14, 2010


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Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea

I featured these incredible mailboxes on my blog -true masterpieces! Love them!!

Lemony Renee'

Okay, now I hate my mailbox. Drab, boring, matching the house. Blah.

WONDERFUL mailboxes. So creative, cheerful, and fun. I like them so much, I'm not sure I can choose a favorite.

My ridiculously-plain-jane neighbors would simply flip out.

How nice. >:)


Susan I bet the mailman loves those. It's probably the high
light of his day. Those are just
too cool. Very creative!!!:O)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I would love to know more about these! Go knock on one of the doors, ok?! Seriously, I would love to have a pretty mailbox. Actually, I did have one, that I painted flowers on. Someone came along with a baseball bat and smashed it. I'll stick with my ugly green one!


They are works of art. It would be nice to know about the person who created them. You must live in a great neighborhood...no ridiculous homeowners' association rules trying to keep everything uniform like we have.


I'm a crusty girl, too! I wonder how they get stuff to stick? I could have a good time making something like that in my basement!


Oh these are fabulous! Why do I have a boring green mailbox? Such fun, such whimsy!



I love these! Uh oh! I feel some changes coming to my mailbox!
hee!hee! karen....

Susan Freeman

What fun!! Those are just wonderful. My mailbox is a bore. Thanks for the inspiration!

Susan and Bentley


Oh, they are both so fabulous. I can't pick, I just know that I need one very badly.

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Fantastic! They are so much fun...I do love the sea glass addition on the one and the antique look of the other one...both are just great fun.
♥, Susan

C. Dianne Zweig

These are some funky mailboxes. I don't know where you walk...but there are none of those in my neck of the woods. perhaps it is time for me to be a maverick.

Kitsch n Stuff


These are just toooo much fun!!! Wouldn't it be fun if everyone on the street did that? Mermaid lane.


I am the artist of the vintage mailbox- the second one is a copy.
IF u r interested in talking, please see me @www.bkkartdesign.com and send me email bkkart@aol.com...


soooo prettyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for sharing!!!

♥ from Japan,

Brittany Wayne

My mom, Monica Wayne, is the artist of the original mailbox outside Barbara's house. The second one was a copy, not sure who the artist is but it's flattering to see. My mom has been sick for a few years and as a result hasn't made any new pieces in a while so it's nice to see that her work is still appreciated. I look forward to sharing this with her =)
-Brittany Wayne

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