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November 13, 2012


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Good for you, Susan. You were a life (lives) saver.

Alisa Leahy

I think you did the right thing. We all have an inner radar, and she certainly seemed like she needed help. I once gave an older lady a ride home from the grocery store, just because she asked me. Sometimes its a blessing to just do what is right!


That's an amazing story, Susan. I'm not so sure I would have let a stranger into my home, but I'm so glad you did, and so glad it had a happy ending!


What a story, Susan! You did the right thing and I think your gut told you it was okay to let her in. Thank goodness you did! That poor woman! How frightened she must have been.


laurie magpie ethel

Good for you. My grandfather got his senses mixed up driving one night and was out for hours. Finally a good Samaritan realized the situation and ended up helping Gramps out..I really don't know what would have happened if not for the kindness of taking time and effort to assist him. Well done..


I'm sure her family were glad to have her back home too! They must have been so scared for her! My hat's off to you!


You know what?? Sometimes the stars just align, and things work out, it was must meant to be, and I'm so glad she knocked on YOUR door and found a helping hand :) Always gotta pay it forward, you know??!!

Great Story :)


Susan you are an angel for helping someone out that needed it. One night my daughter and her two sons were on their way home, they spotted an older black gentlemen walking along the busy highway pushing a grocery cart. They live in the country so he was getting close to her home, she couldn't imagine what he was doing out there at dusk and where he was headed. She turned around and watched him for a while before she decided to call the Sheriff's office. He was going so slow and the highway he was on was under construction. He certainly didn't need to be where he was with dark clothing on and pushing a cart. My daughter worried to death about him until the sheriff got there which took an hour. They interviewed him and found out his name, finally figured out he had family in Jackson, Mississippi who they called to find out he had been missing for 6 months. He had walked all the way from Mississippi to the middle of Louisiana.
He didn't even know where he was. The Sheriff's office brought him back to his family. I was so proud of my daughter and my grandchildren for caring when no one else would. Everyone was just passing him by. Thank goodness for good Samaritans like you and my daughter. I would have done the very same thing as you.

Lemon Tree Tami

I'm so glad that this story turned out okay for that poor lady. My dad's diabetic and strange things can happen to them if they're off their insulin or take too much.

Last year I also had an older gentleman in his late 70s knock on my door. He began to come in and asked why the door was locked. I let him in and sat him down. It became apparent that he was very confused but I thought that he may be a neighbor. I left him sitting in a chair after I got his name and ran next door. Turns out that he has alzheimers and was a bit lost.


Stories like this help restore faith in our fellow man/woman and should be an example to all that we are all connected no matter what our differences are. Kudos to you.


An amazing story - I'm so glad you followed your instincts. And I am so glad you were there for her.


I am so glad you were there for the lady.What a relief for her family.


We recently had a lovely local older lady disappear under the same circumstances. She was missing for ten days before they sadly found her body in a creek. She left on foot and never came back. I can't imagine how many people saw her or crossed paths with her, but no one really saw her. Thank goodness that lady stopped at your house and you were able to help her. We all need to watch out for one another!


She was obviously guided to you for a reason. That was a very touching story.

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