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November 02, 2012


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I'm so glad it wasn't worse for you. The pictures are unbelievable! My son was lucky too-no power outage in Brooklyn where he's at. Hope power gets back on sooner, rather than later.


Thank you for your post and pictures. I'm still amazed at the damage and destruction all around us. I'm so glad your family is safe and your damages are reparable.


Susan, I wondered how you had fared during the storm. It's really been horrendous, hasn't it? We came through just fine. I hope your repairs start soon and that your power is restored ASAP.



Susan I am so glad you and your family are o.k. I have been very worried about you.
Pictures tell the story of just how strong those winds were. Thanks for letting us know you were alright and I hope your power is restored soon.

Louise Houghton

Susan, so glad you and yours are safe. Big hug from me over here in Blighty.xx

Kim Kenward

Your pictures are such an amazing reality of the damage. I'm glad your home repairs aren't worse. Thinking of you...


Oh Susan!~~~We fared much better here in DC than expected. But my goodness your neighborhood looks so beaten up. Glad you all are safe and sound.~~~XXOO, Beth


just glad to read your family is well and house not more damaged. I've been checking your blog last few days, hoping for good news. Best of luck in repairs and cleanup.

Susan Freeman

So happy to hear from you! I have been worried. Although there is lots of damage, it can be repaired. The important thing is that you all are safe. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Susan and Bentley


I have been thinking about you a lot and am glad you are OK. It sounds even with the damage you had that you have a lot of work ahead, and I hope that goes smoothly for you. Hope your power will be back soon - there is nothing more thrilling than electricity when it's restored!

Carolynn..."Chenille Cottage" Blog

Dear Susan,
I am so sorry you were affected by the hurricane. What terrible devastation. Thank God your home was only partially impacted with flooding. I know in the coming days you will be busy putting things back in place.
Please know you are in my prayers,
Carolynn xo

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