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December 28, 2012


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I've also felt thankful for that wonderful train ride 28 years ago today. John


Congratulations Susan and John! That is a wonderful Scrap book with all those cards in such great shape.

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic

Cards were so sweet back then -- how lovely that you now have this album. And how wonderful that your hubby celebrates the day you met!


Congratulations on your anniversary of your first meeting.
The scrapbook is such a find, thank you for sharing that with us.


What a treasure of a scrapbook! I absolutely love vintage cards, letters, all ephemera. I'm growing my collection & I wish more of my own family's cards were still around, at least I have some.
I feel bad that again this year I didn't send out cards (bought some 'tho & then thought I should make my own - all the supplies are sitting here still!)...every year the cards we receive dwindle, too. I really don't want to lose the art of writing cards/letters, but unfortunately most people are on facebook & texting these days (I guess I need to join fb).
Think I will make & send some New Year cards now.

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