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February 04, 2013


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EEEK!!!!!! HOW EXCITING SUSAN!!! Touch you girl in a French magazine. Wee!Wee! I love
the way she laid it all out. WOW! It looks
great, heck it is great. You have done a
wonderful job organizing your studio. I just think that is great for all your hard work.


Congratulations! That is SO wonderful! Your studio is absolutely fabulous! :)

Louise Houghton

That is fantastic and the pictures make your fab studio look even more amazing. I need to cheer up the family chill room where I do my crafting, but is a bit tricky when you have the family computer and filing system, which I need, plus my husband's guitars. Perhaps I should think about some lovely fabric to cover up the knee space on my desk, which luckily is quite big. Oh my Susan, you can see now why I like to blog because CAN I talk and perhaps this is the kind of stuff I should be putting ON my blog?!!!! As always, thanks you for continual


Very exciting! Congrats.

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