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July 17, 2013


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What a great post! It reminds me of when my 3 sons were little and we had spotted salamanders living in our kitchen, along with a hamster and a slug (yes, a slug) named Frank.

Spike has a great name & 16 years is a good, long life. Alas, we didn't know about lids for the tank and our African frog DID go exploring on one last trip...

Spike is actually a year past the usual lifespan in captivity for this type of frog. (But please don't tell him that.)

I was a sucker for any pet my children wanted, so I would have done what you did with Spike. How wonderful that he has lived so that normal? I kept compost worms alive in my kitchen for 15 years after buying them for a college project. If it is alive, I try to keep it that way.

Spike is like my third child (Not really, but I do really like the little guy)

Susan, I guess Spike keeps that empty nest company. Your story reminds me of the time my sis and I went Trick or Treating and came back with a puppy. My mom and dad like to have flipped. The puppy cried all night, not to mention the fleas. They made us bring him back. At least Spike won't have fleas.

Yay! Spike's first appearance on the blog :)

Spike is awesome!

Our turtle, Tilda, was a surprise gift to the people we adopted her from. What are people thinking? At least they were not puppies!

Spike is Great!

I can't believe you have had SPIKE for that amount of time. What a great story..I may not have been to happy with the mom who gave him as a party favor though. You certainly rose to the challenge!

That's amazing. Happy 16 years together! I'm sure he loves his happy home.

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