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June 13, 2007


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Carrie S.

I love Janet's creations, and this looks like a perfect fit! And, I'm so happy to have found YOUR blog through hers! I'll be back!


Just beautiful. These will add so much to your shop. Isn't it fun how blogland opens up so many opportunities. Clarice


And I'm thrilled to be part of T-Party! Thank you for the opportunity, the mention today, and the links. I'm also enjoying reading about some of the others you're featuring this week and can't wait to visit the shop myself.



Janet's hand made items are delighfully sweet.I just visited her web site and plan to re-visit when I have more time.

Thank you for sharing the news about such a talented bloggy gal.

Jill 00


Love this series, but especially today...Janet and me here together, linked and mentioned! Janet's work is soooooooo beautiful, and she is as sweet as the lavender sachets. Love it that she shares not only her wares, but also an abundance of information and skills. What a perfect match for your shop. Wishing you each much success! xoC


Beautiful treasures!


Janet's merchandise does look wonderful! I can see why you would want to feature her in your shop :)


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