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August 21, 2007


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Connie W

My son likes these pieces too and has a few. They're not something that I collect so it's nice to see yours. They do a grea job of nearly hiding the TV and players with their loveliness. For me I derive just as much pleasure from the 'hunt' for the pieces as I do owning them.


It's lovely. I recently started my own small pottery collection, and am seriously hooked already!


What a GORGEOUS post! I also collect art pottery, post of it is white but some are green, aqua and pink. I was enlarging all of your photos - we have a lot of the same pieces and that tole tray onthe left is the same that I have hanging in my family room. I adore the composition of the display wall - it is so soothing and reminiscent of the sea - just lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Just beautiful. I love when you share your collections! And I love the tin picnic baskets in the mix!


Wow what a beautiful collection. each pieces is wonderful but together, it is stunning and very like the ocean. Very calming !! I am having a blogger over tonight (that I have never meet) for a lavender tea, I wish you were coming too !!! Clarice


So lovely!! I love the same types of things - but I don't have all like-colored items displayed together, and more and more I am loving that look - and wanting to change and rearrange my collections! I wish I had the big beautiful whits shelf unit that you have displayed your collection on so beautifully. I do have a white matte pottery collection in a green shelving unit, and built-in pink shelves, but I think I may have too much of a conglomeration - inherited things we can't seem to part with, in addition to my own never-ending collections of more than 30 years. It's too much!! But I am loathe to part with any of it! It's a sickness, i tell you! But I LOVE seeing your collections, simply beautiful!!


My jaw just hit the floor when I opened up that photo... amazing! Your collection is not only full and beautiful, but you've arranged it so that each piece stands out and nothing is hidden behind something else.

What a great collection...beautiful.


Wow!! Your collection takes my breath away! Love the colors! Just stunning!! I must go back now and look again! xo, suzy


Even, my husband was impressed with your collection. He thought the display was beautiful. How long have you been collecting? If you don't mind my asking, where did you find most of your pieces?



fabulous collection, Susan!...the color of sea glass. I have a fondness for that greenish blue (the color of your blog background actually) and also jade tones too. Started with my grandmother's ginger jar.


Wow! Beautiful! I love your teapots!!!!


That is a terrific collection you have, Susan! I love the seaside colors! You find the most amazing thing, where do you get them all? Happy Days! :o)



Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Susan, Thank you for that...the collection is wonderful. You have an amazing eye for color and detail. I can't imagine why you don't have your own magazine, or at least a column in one. I'm becoming a big fan and have linked your blog to mine. Best regards, Susan

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