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February 19, 2008


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I have a book like this, too! I actually have two books, one for home inspiration and one for things I'd like to make or that inspire me to create. I love flipping through them.


Wonderful idea!

Leigh Ann

Great idea!

Shelley Baker

Hello Dear Susan, what a wonderful ideal. Your book is just so pretty, and I love the pages. My favorite would be the kitchen wall with all the vintage potholders. I have so many magazines I just can't bring myself to give them up. This could be a good project for me to do with them.
Thanks so much for sharing your special inspiration book with us.



I keep notebooks just like these—and I recognize a lot of your clipped pages because I have the same ones in mine! Notebooks really are a great idea. They take up much less space than the original magazines and they're great for a shot of inspiration if I'm feeling uncreative. Sometimes just seeing a new color combination or two prints together is all it takes to get me back in the mood.

Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Susan, This is a very timely post for me. I am in the midst of trying to organize my office. I will be copying your idea. I will also be doing a second book with a food/recipe related related theme, and a third with a travel theme. Thanks for the great idea. Susan

Rita Bush

Hi Susan,

Love this idea as I have a lot of magazines that certainly need condensing. I would be interested to know some of the titles of the magazines you got some of the pictures out of as we might not carry them here in the south. Also loving the tea cozy. My husband was rushed to the hospital last Monday night in an ambulance and apparantly has a disease called Esophageal varices in adition to his colon cancer which is in his liver.He's at home today after chemotherapy yesterday and will be there until he returns to his job on Friday or Saturday. Has been a ruff haul for me with worry but work and your website keep me a little distracted from the pain.

Thanks so much,
Rita Bush


I used to do this back in the 70's but dropped the habit due to a lingering need for sustenance and shelter. I loved doing it then and seeing your example, I am going to resurrect this old habit. Thanks for reminding me! Kiss Kiss!


I save magazine pages for inspiration, as well. And we must like all of the same things, because I recognize and remember, and have saved virtually every one of the same pages! That green cupboard on the left in the second photo from the top was in Amy Butler's old kitchen. Man, I loved that kitchen! Their house is totally different now- different home, simpler decor- but still beautiful.

Periwinkle Vintage

Oh, me too! And we have many of the same pics! Great minds...


What a fantastic idea! I shall create one in the morning!


I've been keeping an inspiration book for years...I recognize some of the very same pics I've saved! I like your idea of cut & paste - mine are put in plastic sheets & into a binder. It was getting so bulky that I had to weed some things out. I also have many magazines saved that I don't want to tear...eeks, on top of many vintage magazines. I need more room!


Uh-oh! I think we must be kindred spirits. I have many of the same pictures in my inspiration book. Small world! I LOVE the turquoise hutch in the red kitchen. That kitchen has been a major inspiration for me!

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