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May 30, 2008


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You are handling your week of "lasts" with style and grace. I am not good with "lasts"---I need lots of tissues close at hand, too. How fortunate you are to have the spledid memories of the "between" time at T-Party--after the "firsts" and before the "lasts". All of the joyful times you and your partner helped to create for your patrons would certainly provide an abundance of warm and fond memories for you two. I am certain that "between" time is something you must be extremely proud of and will embrace for years to come.


I've just recently discovered your blog...so sorry to hear your T-party tea room will be closing. T-party sounds like it was very successful. Children's birthday parties organized by your daughter, ingenious! Is there a blog entry where you tell the story behind why you're closing?

10 years ago I & a partner opened a tea room in my home town. We had a great thing going until she, a single mom when we started our venture, met & married a doctor and moved to another state. I didn't want to do the tea room by myself so we closed our doors. I identify w/ironing the napkins...that was my job generally.

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

I'm sorry that you had to close. I know you're sad about it.


For those of us that can't come to your sale, will you be posting any of your linens or teasets on Etsy or your blog?

Steph W

Congratulations on all that you've given to your customers. And blessing to your future.


Awww...I feel teary-eyed reading this. It must be difficult to say good-bye to the tea shop and to all the patrons. Thanks for sharing it with us...I've only been to one tea house, it was Victorian, but yours looked so warm and charming.
If you wear mascara, just make sure it is waterproof.
And, could you have a cuter basket & iron? I recently found an old aqua ironing board while thrifting and even 'tho I had a fairly new one, this distressed one was calling my name...I can't seem to resist aqua anything. Besides, I really like ironing. :)

Heather C

I am so sad that you will be closing. I have totally fallen in love with your blog, and all the things you have taught me about having a tea house. You have been an inspiration to my blog reading, and I hope you will give some of your devoted readers a chance to buy some of the delicious items you show us on your tea house!

You know we have grown to adore you!!

Cece Marie

:( I'm so sad you have to close. Well, as cliche as it sounds...when one door closes another one opens!
I would do just about anything to attend your sale! I want a little piece of T-Party for myself!
Best wishes to you Susan!


Susan, this is so bittersweet for you. Hold on to those wonderful memories of all the beautiful patrons you've met, events you've held and friendships you've forged as you embark on your new journey.
I'm teary eyed for you as I read this.

Rosie's Whimsy

I am sure you will be missed dearly. You have such a unique and special place.

I guess we shared a birthday. I was 51 on the 28th!

:-) Rosie

Linda Rose

This week of "Lasts..." brought to mind the memories T-Party has given to all of us. It is so sad to know that the beautiful farmhouse which has been "T-Party's Home" for the last five years will come to an end.....but we are grateful for the wonderful times shared with loved ones and friends at T-Party and the memories that will "Last.." a lifetime.

Thank you for this!!!

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