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June 01, 2008


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Such a great group of photos sharing your final day in the tea room! How sweet of your husband to bring you gals flowers. Good luck with the sale of your tea room items. I wish I was there to shop!!

Cathy Santarsiero ^..^

Everything is going to be OK. BETTER than OK. We'll have to have 'virtual tea' with you now; but I have no doubt that your online shop will do well. Whatever you do, don't hang around to watch them demolish the building! Hold the good memories in your heart as you move on to your new adventures! (((hugs to you both))) Cathy ^..^


I hope you and Cynthia are feeling good about this. Change, even happy change, is not easy. I am glad your last tea was a happy one. Clarice


I'm so sorry you lost your building. That's a real shame they're tearing it down. Just remember, where one door closes another will open.


I'm so fortunate to have had a chance to visit T-Party. I wish I could have come more often!

Happy birthday! (sorry I'm late)


Linda Rose


You and Cynthia - along with the help of those who love you - made the "Last Tea Party"...a most memorable one...I know we will have the opportunity to continue to keep in touch with both of you and look forward to purchasing all of your wonderful teas, handmade items and vintage wares as well as "Cynthia's Sweets" on line! I must admit - I am sad - but, new opportunities will present itself and can't wait to see what ideas you have -up your sleeve. Thank you for the happy memories...and please take and journal all the magical moments you enjoyed and keep them close to your heart! Remember - hearts shared over a cup of tea keeps friendships forever! Stay happy and Blessings to you always!

Forgjengelige ting

How sad it must be to close down your lovely T-party!
I'm glad you'll continue your T-party-blog!!

Wish you all the best both of you!!

daisy cottage

Thinking of you Susan....
Thank you so much for sharing these memories of your precious tearoom.


Leigh Ann

I'm so glad I was able to visit your bricks and mortar. It does sound like a lovely celebration rather than a sad end. I look forward to all the things that lay ahead for you.

Cheers! LA xo


Aahhh such a sad day.
Lots of lovely photos and smiley faces though for the last day.
love Alison x

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