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August 10, 2008


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I have their recipe book and I love it and also the buttercup shop but really won't stand a line for them!; lol...
Maybe I won't say it after trying one though.... lol...


I've only seen the pictures - lucky you! Definitely worth a trip to the city if only for the cupcake. I'll have to make do with the cookbook, which is wonderful.


I can't believe it...we were just there last week for the first time and we LOVED it! We are looking forward to our next visit!


That's all I have to say.
Over and over again.


Oh my! What a sweet little place. I can just imagine the heavenly sweet smells that must have permeated the air. Ohhhh, sigh*


Oh my gosh you got to go to Magnolia bakery. Well I am trying not to hate you. How fun and thank you for sharing pictures. Clarice

Cathy Santarsiero

I can't believe you found room in there to take these photos Susan! Now you've got me yearning for a vanilla bean frosting cupcake :)
-C ^..^


You are so right Cathy! We had about two minutes to file through the shop and I did my best to capture what I could. So my photos reflect that time crunch and aren’t stellar!

Teresa@PlumWater Cottage

Thanks for the visit to Magnolia! I have their cookbook, and the recipes are just wonderful. It was nice to get a look 'inside'.


Oh my what an absolutely adorable little place.
Love Alison x

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