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December 07, 2008


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susan ericson

Susan, I am tickled pink that you wrote this post. I am in complete agreement with you. They are lovely, creative women, and so are you. I will have to write a post one day of how I met Suzy and how she led me to Beth. One day we will have to all get together.
♥, Susan


Hi Susan, thank you so much for such a sweet and lovely post, I am honored. I think it would be a great idea if one day I could grab Beth and we could all meet, including Black Eyed Susan, perhaps in the city for lunch and shopping! xo, suzy

Elizabeth Holcombe

Can you see me blushing from there??? Oh thank you so so much for this awesome honor! We HAVE to meet, you, me, Suzy, and Susan! Seriously so! Luv ya!~~~XXOO, Beth

Cathy Santarsiero

What lovely choices, Susan! The apron and the pin cushion are really really pretty! Have a great week. xo Cat ^..^

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