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December 09, 2008


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Lovely! thanks for the tutorial:>)


LOVE the button boquets!! Can't wait to make some of my own!! Thanks!


Ooooh you are soooo smart! Those look like candy. Just yummy.


So cute! I love buttons. Can you believe my daughter has a button phobia?!? She's sure they're going to somehow fly off and choke her. Weird.
Naturally, she won't wear them. Oh the precious outfits I wanted to buy the girl over the years, but couldn't.


I think they're just precious. I think the pic of the little white vase is just so beautiful. It's my hope to one day try making a bouquet of my own.

kitschen pink

just beautiful! and so clever to keep them all white- sometimes simple really is the best! They look like lovley dollops of cream! t.x


How cute!
Perfect for all the buttons I just "inherited" (couldn't say no to) from my mother.

Thanks for the tutorial! :)

natalie jo

While your button bouquets are lovely and definately on my "to do" list, I am IN LOVE with the fabric underneath the pitcher. Believe me I've already tagged it a favorite from your Etsy shop and am in a moral dilemma as to whether or not to break my pre-Christmas promise of NO personal purchases until after the big day. Who am I kidding...I have all intentions of breaking my promise once I devise a way to sneak it in from the mailbox without any of the big eyed tattlers in the house telling on me.

Betty Jo

How sweet the button bouquets are! I so love buttons and this is such a fun way to use them. xoxo

Betty Jo

How sweet your button bouquets are! I so love buttons and this is such a fun way to use them. xoxo


I love this project and I'm so glad you didn't glue the buttons together. This way, if there's one you need for something you can easily take it apart.


I love this button arrangement. So much I bought it. Thanks for the tutorial for how you made it. I'm going to try this with some of my vintage buttons.

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