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February 16, 2009


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I'd love to be walking in your shoes. What a beautiful area and photos :)


God- you live in such a beautiful area- I have often thought of jumping the border of NY and moving there- if not for my three dogs- one huge one- and the tiny postcard size plots of land- which doesn't have my Chesepeake's name on it,although she loves the water..

Alison Heal

Glorious photos! What a wonderful area you live in.


I occasionally tag along on some of these walks. I shouldn't take the views for granted. Maybe less time talking and more time with my eyes open.


I'd definitely be out walking every day with that scenery! I try to walk by my kid's school since it is at least a more attractive neighborhood than ours...there's even trees!

kitschen pink

Oh my! I wish I could pop around and join you one day! t.x


So beautiful!


Those roses look particularly inviting this morning! Beautiful photos.

black eyed susans kitchen

Beautiful pictures...there is always something to look forward to when you take the same route. Right now, I am looking to see if any of the crocus are starting to show themselves.
♥, Susan


They are gorgeous, so crisp, and inviting! I cant stick to the same route, I need a change every so often!It is funny how you can see it change,even if it hasnt. Some days, things look different, maybe it depends on our moods!


I just love the white picket fence and them roses, am so hoping spring has come here to the UK, I miss my flowers

Kim G.



Susan, What beautiful photos of a year in your shoes! Love those beehouse teapots! I have been wanting one for so long. I don't know if I could decide which color, they are all so beautiful!

hugs, Ellen

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