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February 20, 2009


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Oh how lovely for Nancy, she must have been thrilled with your find.
I love those green shoes!


This is beyond fabulous!! I would die for that display and your friend has fixed it up so nice! xo, suzy


That is beyond fabulous!! I love that display and your friend has it fixed up so nice! xo, suzy


What a fabulous booth she has!! Would love to know where it is so I can make the trek down ~ would love to see it in person. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again for my itty bitty button bouquets! One is on the mantle in the family room and the other is right here in my sewing room :)


Just amazing and what fun for you both!!

black eyed susans kitchen

What an excellent job you did of pairing Nancy with her new booth. I love that you didn't just think it would be a good idea, but that you acted on it. You probably made many people happy in the process. I have a creative blogger award for you in yesterdays post.
♥, Susan


What a wonderful friend you are, a lucky find for all her specials!I'd love something like that too, but here it would cost so much in rent!
Thankyou for replying to a recent comment I made, I was lucky I found it, it went into my junk mail, and I dont usually check it, but for some reason I couldnt resist, and there it was!Blogger has a mind of its own sometimes!


What a great idea you had! I love the counter and your friend's jewelry is amazing!


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