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February 01, 2009


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Oh dear! Where does one begin?
I LOVE the pie safe, empty, and filled!
I am so jealous that you have room enough in your kitchen for it and that it is filled with so many lovely things.
But I am most thrilled with seeing your matches holder and your string holder - which I have a personal love for - oh I sense a collection coming on!
Good for you with using time wisely and bringing some cheer to a dreary winter day.


Lovely, cozy, sweet and stylish!
Love it!


I am green with envy over your gorgeous pie safe! Looks like a day well spent and enjoyed.

Cathy :)


I love every little detail! The colors and the metal ware are right up my alley. I love the match and string holder. I have the exact same flour sifter. It was my grandma's and is one of my favorite pieces. I gotta go back and drool over your photos some more now, Pam


So lovely!!


What a wonderful makeover, I love your mix of kitchen collectables. Nice fresh look!
Hugs, Diane


Your custom made pie safe is so special, but your display is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us!



I love that pie safe and everything in it! xo, suzy

Lee Ann

would you mine sharing to whom you ordered the pie safe. loving it!!!


Before I wrote the post, I tried to track down the gentleman who made my pies safe on eBay. And since it was about ten years ago, I no longer have his receipt. He went by the name of Paw Paw and his company was called something like “Pie Safes by Paw Paw.” Unfortunately, I was unable to find him still selling on eBay. He was an older man; perhaps he has retired.

Connie W

So many lovely pieces! Very cool.


Love the pie safe and the contents. My fav thing is the shelf paper tho. Where did you find such pretty vintage looking paper?


i dearly love your pie safe. it makes me so happy!!!


Okay, I'll take one of each and everything you pictured! It's all just the style I like. I brought my woodworker husband in to see the pie safe with "Honey, could you make me one of these?" He really liked it too, but alas, his Honey-do list is already so long! Well, anyway, I can enjoy looking at yours!!

Cathy Santarsiero

I love everything about it, Susan. So bright and cheery.


Your pie safe is one of my fave photos to look at...it's so my cheery '40s style. Love your "new" stacked teapot. I've never seen one before and it is darling. :)


Adorable! Just my style. I love the sifter and the shelf paper.

(I, too, had to slow down on collecting jadeite, thanks to Martha Stewart. I have noticed that whatever she has on her show, new or old, skyrockets!)

The cabinet is a great way to showcase your "pretties".

I found your blog recently and will certainly check back in!

Donna Roorda (Countryshab)

Hi. I just love your photos- I love the bright colors, and the super pie safe. I too am looking for an inexpensive old piece that I can have open in my pantry cupboard instead of the ugly shelves that are there now! I love my vintage kitchen items - I have 3 vintage breadboxes that I have kept. one is an old red hard lucite or something with a big pink painted rose on the front and I have the 2 larger flour and sugar canisters that go with it, and then 2 tin ones. I have fiesta ware, so I love the bright colors and the Hall autumn leaf.

Kim G.

Your pie safe is pleasantly perfect and cheerful. Sigh.


ohhh, i want that dog strong holder!!!!!!!! xo.

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