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February 14, 2009


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Happy Valentine's Day!!
It must be a bit hard to have days like this and miss the room. I know you will have a day full of love. Clarice


Dear Susan,
In the spirit of your wonderful teas in times passed, I have invited Cathy of the Christmas Corgi fame, Steph and Sylvia over to my house for a Valentine's friends tea at my house tomorrow. Usually Cathy, Steph and I would pop over for tea at your wonderful shop. Of course, I am serving several of your wonderful teas that I picked up at your special sale this fall. We will toast you with our raised tea cups tomorrow. Hoping that my tea creates a special oasis for my good friends tomorrow like T-party always did for us!
Happy Valentine's Day



So nice to hear from you! Have a wonderful time at your “friends tea” tomorrow. It sounds like such fun.

Thanks for thinking of me!


Hi Susan, that was a yummy spread that you had for Valentine's Day. I hope this year that someone treated you to a lovely day! xo, suzy

black eyed susans kitchen

Happy belated Valentines day. Those pictures tell of a lovely moment in time. You really knew what was needed to turn an experience into a romantic memory. I can tell by your posts, that you are missing your tea room a little bit. I wish that I had the opportunity to have had tea there. You should know that I enjoy reading about it though.
♥, Susan

kitschen pink

Oh Susan! How I would have loved to have visited your tea shop. Your description of valentine's tea drinkers put me in mind of Betjeman's In a Bath Teashop - "Let us not speak, for the love we bear one another—
Let us hold hands and look."
She such a very ordinary little woman;
He such a thumping crook;
But both, for a moment, little lower than the angels
In the teashop's ingle-nook. "
Did you see my boy's valentine? shhh. You are one of only three in the whole wide world who know....t.xx


Wish you were close enough so that we could have visited your tearoom. The pic says a thousand words. Such time and thought put into your dream. You do seem to miss it. Maybe, you could do tea tasting for very small groups in your home..like a home party. Or, think of all the WORK that goes into what you used to do..lol...maybe the feeling is passed, all better, you like your website and blog..so much cleaner..somewhat easier.
Can you tell, as a florist, I'm reeally tired the day after valentine's


Oh goodness how lovely that looks.
Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day.

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