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February 04, 2009


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My sister is in Oregon and yes this Winter has brought loads of Snow and chill, stay cozy.


Wow, Id really like some of that snow in our horrible heatwave! It is 40C here today, and has been for a couple of weeks now, please send me some!
Your garden was gorgeous, I hope it bounces back ok.


The before and now pics are fun. Love the tea cozy fabric. Tues we had and aditional 10" of snow here! 1"and hour with white outs! I am soooo ready for the time change in March and and early Spring. Ya, ya I know the stupid groundhog saw his shadow...they shouldn't have let him out. The growdhog around here has been out for a couple of weeks. Think he's ready for Spring too.


Your garden is beautiful in both white and green! That is the thing about the seasons....they make you so look forward to the first blooms and the first changing of the leaves!

Stop by a visit when you get a chance...I am having a giveaway!
Stay Cozy, carrie


Vivian is so lovely in her ruffly smock. She looks very happy in her garden. Ahhhh...how I long to be in mine again. One month and three days till we turn the clocks ahead! I'm trying to stay in the "now" but I keep longing for the Spring. xo


Here is my link, Susan. Hope it works.



That tea cozy is adorable!
Good for you sorting during the Super Bowl!
I have been doing some of that this week, too.
And doing some hand sewing while I keep my husband company rather than stay upstairs on the pc!

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