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February 09, 2009


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wow, very cool looking library! i'll have to see if that is near where my aunt lives in Connecticut and check it out next time i visit her!


The display is wonderful. I love the books that were picked out to go with the toys. They are a perfect match. Amazing!!!


I LOVE Rowayton and go to that seafood restaurant whenever I get a chance. What a charming town. Good luck with the tea!


What a charming library! The toys are so cute and how neat that the books chosen match up with them so well.

Irma's Rose Cottage

What a quaint little Library. Love the wind up toys and the books that paired up with them. The whole dispaly looks great.

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hugs :)


Alison Heal

That is such a great collection and display. I used to work in a library and I can imagine the fun the librarians had finding books to match the toys. I find my home turns into a series of 'displays' if I'm not careful!


What a lovely library. Have fun with your teas. I absolutely love the toys with the books, Great display. I am inspired to do something like that on a bookshelf at home. Pam


Wow! Your Library is similar to ours here in Sharonville. It's so relaxing to go there and browse the books. The display is great! What a great way to get kids interested in books and old toys.
Have fun with your teas. We love to do seminars like that.

natalie jo

Oh how I wish you were hosting a tea at my library! Everything you do has just the right touch, a great attention to detail along with playful whimsy.

Enjoy the party,
natalie jo


How wonderful to be hosting tea at your fascinating library. Wish I could be there. Your son's wind-up to collection is amazing. I have the same duck with the red coat on, except my bike is red. I hope we'll see pictures of the tea.

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