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March 31, 2009


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Martha C.

Congratulations, Susan! Well deserved! I can't wait to see the magazine feature.


COngrats Susan!!! Your studio is an inspiration.


Congratulations ...I already received my copy and I knew right away it was you when I saw the photo's. I'm so jealous of your creative space ...it's gorgeous.


How exciting! I'm glad to know about the magazine since ME Home Companion is no longer in print. I have no place to catch up with my favorite artists! I will look for it!

Hugs, Lisa


Hi Susan, I'm going to go find that magazine today! Can't wait to see your feature. I know just how you feel, my studio is my sanctuary. xo, suzy

black eyed susans kitchen

Hi Susan, I'm off to Borders today to find that magazine...I am so happy that your beautiful space is getting the notoriety that it deserves.
♥, Susan

Cathy Santarsiero

I will pick up a copy. I could use a bit of inspiration in order to continue fixing up my teeny studio workspace. It is coming along, but slowly. Wish me luck.


Congrats Susan!!! Well deserved...
When I finally get my studio up and done Ill post my pics on my blog- your adorable- to die for -studio was my inspiration. I wanted t know- what kind of floor is that? Is it painted wood or linoleum? I LOVE it and want that look for my kitchen.

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