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April 13, 2009


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Fabulous cake and extra special with all of the love that went into it!
Happy 19th to Hannah!


I think your cake is beautiful and it gives me some courage to try my own some day. I really would like to work with fondant.


Your cake is perfect! Though I am curious how CCC is doing in this economy with cakes starting at a cool 1K. I'm a fan of the show but YIKES!


That cake is much better that Ace does. Look at all the love just oozing from it. Good Job!!

Gabriela Delworth


I followed you from Charlotte's blog.
This is an amazing flower cake!

~ Gabriela ~

sarah  abeachcottage

oh wow what a heap of wonderful work that went into that beautiful cake, I only wish I had a about a millimetre as much talent, sadly my skills in that are are limited!

nice blog, just surfed on in...



What a wonderful cake! Much better than anything ordered from the Ace of Cakes! Hope you had a great time celebrating Hannah's birthday.


I loved your cake! It is beautiful and so full of love! A real original creation for the birthday girl! Happy birthday Hannah!

Heather C

aww, who says it isn't as spectacular? It is ADORABLE! I just want to know where you found the flower pan.


Wow! What a beautiful cake! Love it.
xo Colette


too good for a first attempt.its sure filled with a lot of true love.bravo!

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