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April 03, 2009


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What a beauty! The make-up artist didn't have to do much..she's a natural.


How exciting! Your daughter looks lovely. What a wonderful opportunity.


Please tell her she is a real beautiful girl! And congratulations, thanks for sharing Susan.
HUgs, Diane


What a great shot!

It's a replay of the seventy's Seventeen mag I used to get when I was your daughters age.

Congratulations Hannah.

Jill oo


Wow, how exciting. She must have been over the moon. She is sooo beautiful. Clarice


Oh, my gosh! What a beautiful girl...and what an awesome opportunity! You must be SO proud! Please tell her congratulations for me!



Cool! She's beautiful! I'm glad to "know" someone in a magazine. How neat!

Hugs, Lisa


really lovely! and i love the shoes :)


Shes very pretty Susan! Ha, i had those exact shoes shes wearing, in white, for my wedding! LOL! era 1978


Oh my goodness she is so adorable, I would really think she was an actual model!
How proud you must be!
If you have time to pop over and see me I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to join in!
Have a lovely weekend


Hi Susan,your Hannah is a beautiful girl....pretty awesome is right.....


black eyed susans kitchen

I would say that is very awesome....your Hannah is lovely. What a fun experience that must have been.
♥, Susan

Mom Wald's Place

It helps if you happen to look like a model. What a boost to her self-esteem.

Linda Rose

She is beautiful! What an awesome experience! You must be sooooooo proud of her!

Best regards,

Kim G.

Your real girl is really pretty! What fun!!


she's a doll! how awesome and fun for her. I used to love that magazine when i was a teen. Pop on over for my 100th post give-away!


What a doll- and she looks so much like you! So exciting for her Im sure...and you.


How cool! I never would've guessed she wasn't a model. Gosh, I remember reading "Seventeen" back in the '70s...this one even has a Retro '70s look.

Cathy Santarsiero

That is fantastic, Susan! She looks beautiful. How exciting for her.

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