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July 10, 2009


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Love these photo tips, Susan - please keep them coming! Are there features I should be looking for in a tripod if I will be shooting mostly indoors - should the tripod be a certain weight, for instance?


I'm glad you're enjoying the photo tips Lorraine! My tripod is fairly lightweight. It's very steady though, so no need to buy a heavy duty one.


Loving your photo tips! I so do want a new camera! I'm still bugging Dear Husband to buy me a new one ...I keep telling him it could be a business write off for his business. So far he's not seeing the humor!


I wouldn't know where I would be without my tripod. It makes taking photos for the shop much easier.
I love those photos of you.
Have a lovely weekend

Steve Worthington

A bean bag (not too squishy-firmer is better) makes an excellent camera support.
Plonk it anywhere, fits on anything (including a tripod), camera stays still, great for using a timer (or not), and best of all, it's super quick to move around.

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