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August 22, 2009


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Now THAT is a great raffle prize! I bet your kids had so much fun playing with that. xo, suzy


I think it's great that you chose to let the dollhouse be used by the kids. It doesn't take away from it's historic value and you're lucky to know it's provenance. Beautiful piece.


It is wonderful that you know the history of your dollhouse and you can pass it onto your grandchildren.

I am sure your children will have many happy memories playing with the furniture. Great idea!


What a gorgeous dollhouse, Susan! It is really stunning. Someone took a great deal of care in replicating the original house. I love that you made is 'playable' for your children! I've seen the prices for furniture and it would be very expensive to outfit in period style. I think I see grandkids playing with it in the future!


That's so neat...a handmade dollhouse based on such an historical home...and, for $6! The plastic play toys were a smart idea - I should do that with mine & you should definitely hold onto it for the grandkiddos to come. :)


I'm not cringing at all - I love the Playmobil furniture and enjoyed playing with it at least as much as my kids did.


Dear Susan,
Trolling the internet for interesting pictures of doll houses and I found yours. I'm gathering information for my "Keynote" program that one day might use to present to hobbyist or school children. May i please use your pictures? Thank you Carolyn W


I have a rather dumb question, but how is the house laid out on the inside? I would like to make a similar house. Does it have 4 rooms on each floor and a center hall?

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