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August 24, 2009


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Oh my goodness, I love your "spot" in your studio, it is absolutely charming! Beautiful colors and accessories.


Your little sewing corner is just way to neat!! I love that old sewing book, just precious. xo, suzy


It is a lost art. None of my friends sew. Not a single one. Fortunately, I come from a long line of sewers. Both my grandmothers and my mother sewed, though to various... erm... abilities. I more or less watched over shoulders, was taught a few steps, but for the most part taught myself. My eldest, who will be eight years old here in a few days, is showing a definite interest. Though, like my predecessors, I'm seemingly terrified to get her in the sewing chair! I don't know why??? Maybe it's that she is all thumbs or I'm afraid of being a poor teacher? A little of both? Fortunately, my mother is teaching her, which is both odd, (Since she seemed unwilling to teach me as a child.) and wonderful.(Since I'm emulating her in not teaching my own daughter!) LOL


Darling sewing corner, I was fortunate to have my Mom and my Grammo both sewed, and each one made us wonderful clothes growing up. I sew a bit but I really should get back into it a bit more!
Hugs, Diane


Oh I love your sewing spot! The jars of buttons, the sewing baskets!! I love it all. What a sweet story and cute book! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa


I love your little sewing nook - so cheery! My Mom sewed, too, and I also remember going to Sears with her to pick out a pattern and fabric. I loved those big pattern books. Your book is a perfect intro to sewing.


What a great sewing book! It would be great for my 5-year-old girl. She Loves hand sewing.


what an adorable sewing corner! i have just started learning to sew. my mom was a great seamstress as well. it's an art! i enjoy your blog!


When I was growing up (also in the early 60s)my mom sewed for all of us (5 kids) out of necessity so I didn't treasure her gift as much as I should have and longed for 'store bought' clothes. When my daughter graduated from high school two years ago she begged me to make her graduation dress -- which I did and it turned out quite nicely despite needing my previously most dreaded accessory: a zipper (what was I afraid of? it was a cinch!). She proudly told all her friends that her dress was 'custom made'... ahh ... the difference in perspective!! Thanks for your wonderful post about what is, so sadly, a fading art. I love your efforts and those of so many crafting bloggers who are working to breathe new life into the homemaking arts.


I love your little sewing nook and little book. It makes me want to sew too!


I also grew up in the 60s and home sewing was much more common than now. Fabric stores are closing down & even Wal-mart closed their fabric section here recently. My mom didn't sew but my sister-in-law was a whiz and she made outfits for my sister & me. I love to sew but just don't have the time or patience for most things...and, I get really frustrated when it doesn't fit. So, I tend to stick to crafting type sewing, pillows, curtains, etc. I have made my kids some clothes but it's much more practical/cheaper to buy them. Last week I managed to sew a few rag dolls as gifts that were very well received...some people absolutely love handmade & that feels good. :)

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