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August 20, 2009


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Love this dollhouse! Its bright and colorful and such fun. You know I found a dollhouse, too, and I can't wait to get started on it! I so look forward to seeing yours.


That is darling I love the mix of miniatures throughout the house, give her a thumbs up from me!


OMG! I never saw anything like it. Lesley, it's perfect!!

black eyed susans kitchen

Doll house love...my daughters each had one and there was very little interest. My sister in law has one, and oh the things she has come up with for it. Your friend has a fabulous doll house. The detail is magnificent and I can see how she must lose herself in there. I love the bright colors that she is using and how happy a place it is. Thank you for sharing.
♥, Susan


What a sweet dollhouse! I have always wanted a dollhouse since I was a little girl, maybe I should get one as an adult:)

Cathy Santarsiero

That is so cool, Susan! I love what she did with it. So original and fun.


Oh, how cute and fun is that house - the graphics are darling! I love miniatures and dollhouses and the best fun is when you make your own stuff.


I love Project Runway! I can watch an episode several times and get something new out of each one.

terri Ventura

OMG you have to come over to my house for a play date , we would have sooooo much fun

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