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October 05, 2009


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what a delight...i have not visited for a little while and the first thing I see is books...i adore new book recommendations and find myself excited with my next visit to the library...now I just have to convince my 4 year old that Mommy must find books in the "big kid" section. many thanks.


Thanks for the book list. I also read Perfection over the summer and just finished The Help-waited for weeks for it from the library! I, too, like Alice Hoffman. For fun, read "Eat Cake" (with recipes) and "Julie and Romeo" by Jeanne Ray. I think she is LOL funny. Interested in your Kindle; I've resisted so far.

Mom Wald's Place

I had to go put one of those books on hold right away! I can't wait to try the rest.


Today's Huffington Post recommends its first book pic: "In Praise of Slowness". Not a title I would associate with Arianna H, but the premise is interesting: how to slow down in this age of speed. Maybe tea drinkers already know how to do this!


I read The Help over the summer & really enjoyed it. Suggestions...hmm...If you haven't read The Namesake yet, it is practical perfection. Another one that I really enjoyed & is such a great read is Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo.

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