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November 06, 2009


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Lemony Renee'

Your home is beautiful. I would say, "like a magazine layout," but that would deny it's warmth and personality. I really admire the way your collections are worked into your decorating. I need to take a page from you.


Oh I think it is just a pefect family home, I just love your style so warm & friendly.
Thank you for sharing your home with us.

black eyed susans kitchen

Your home is so lovely, Susan. Your decor and collections show that interesting people live in that house. We are feeling the same about what we will do when our son leaves for college next fall. We are not sure, yet, whether our house will be too big without them.
♥, Susan


Your home is so wonderful-- it's beautiful, but in a warm and nurturing way that's hard to describe. Hey- did I spy a dollhouse in the corner of the family room? So cute! I have a pink one in my studio.


You are living in my dream home. It looks so warm and inviting. Enjoy it.

Brenda Kula

What a lovely, bright, cheerful home you have! You are so talented and creative. I smiled when I saw the dining room with books. Because that's something I would have done! I smiled gazing at all this eye candy you provided us. Thanks for inviting us into your house.


Oh I love your Home! It is Perfect! How do you have such great stuff and it looks so neat and tidy! Well what I mean is I have too much junk and it looks like a store here. You have a great collection and it fits so nice! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa


Simple and elegant, obviously someone with great taste lives here! xo, suzy


Your home is so lovely, Susan. It is full of things you love and that makes it priceless!


Thank you for sharing your lovely home. I love the story of how it came to be yours & how perfect it is for your family.

And, your studio...sigh....


I love your whole house. So warm and friendly, perfect for a family.

Thank you for sharing it with us.


Gorgeous. I love every little detail!


Your house is a dream I wish I had! We have 2 kids who have to share a room & all it is is fighting in there (one being special needs who just doesn't get the word, 'stop'). We also need 4 brdrm with one being an office. I've been going out with the realtor for a couple of weeks & it is dismal...no, I'm talkin' about disgusting. A half-million doesn't get you much where I live. Last week she took me to a house (with 4 bdrm) with bars on the windows next to ratty apt. buildings! Other places have tacked on rooms like a maze or need too much renov., or if you get the 4th bdrm, then you get a tinier living space/kitchen. Reminds me of when we found this house 11 yrs ago...we searched everywhere and saw tons of houses (one came with a 400 lb. hog that lived in the house!)...this house is small and not in the best neighborhood but it sure was the best out of the many I had seen. This time we are limited to the certain areas because the school district is paying for the special needs school only if we live in the boundries...I also want to keep my other girl in her school (which I have to drive her to since I got her in on open enrollment...we can't afford to live in that nice area). Everything would be great if we won the lottery, 'tho.

Cathy Santarsiero

So lovely, Susan! Your home could be in a magazine.

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