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December 14, 2009


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I love cake carriers, especially the green one that you pictured. Once, my sister & I got into a (friendly) fight over who was going to get my grandmother's aluminum cake carrier :)

Brenda Kula

You've got quite the entreprenurial family! I love the cake keepers. And I shall go visit your sister too. The cakes look luscious.


I just love these cake tins, so pretty.
MMmmmmmmm yummy those cakes just look sooooo delicious!

Mom Wald

My mother is a fan of the chrome cake carriers. She still thinks that no home is complete without one.

These flowered ones are much more fun!


I love all the cake carriers! I found an aluminum one a few years ago at a garage sale in a small Iowa town, and gave it to my sister. Greedy me wish I had kept it. Speaking of aluminum, the tray arrived but the package got wisked off by my husband and put under the tree. He says I have to wait til Christmas.

Lemony Renee'

LOVE these! The only problem is that when I take something like this to someone's house, I become obsessed with getting it back! LOL!


Oh I love the blue one! I have never seen one that color!!

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