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January 21, 2010


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black eyed susans kitchen

What a perfect tea tray! The Hall teapot is beautiful, and how wonderful to go with blueberry scones.
♥, Susan

Lemony Renee'

Susan, what a lovely idea. Why do I think I need to be in England to have tea, legitimately? I'm going to do that -- a full-fledged break, unabashed, no guilt. Why not?

Oh, how I wish I could stop by your house for tea and other brilliant ideas. Thanks!


Wild blueberry scones, oh my! xo, suzy


I think I'm going to start implementing tea time in my schedule. I like that idea, so refreshing. How do you make blueberry scones? Do you have the recipe for it? I love blueberry.

Vintage Cate

Wouldn't that be fun! Then we could actually talk instead of emailing. And there would be tea and scones.

Brenda Kula

Oh, I so wish I could join you! I need to adopt such an afternoon routine.


Would you mind if I had coffee?


I think I should start my own afternoon tea ritual - what a lovely idea.


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