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February 24, 2010


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Wow, your collection is just beautiful,and is true to the calming ocean,seabreeze, and warm sun.As much as I love all three of those things, Im looking forward to autumn here, it has been too humid for me this summer!


Wow is right! There was a ton of inspiration in those photos for me. I love how you grouped the items and I am running right now to my sadd iron collection to figure out how I can use a few as bookends. Your collection is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! deb


Ah! This was the perfect sight for my weary eyes on this wintry morning. You know I love your pottery and have some of the same pieces myself. Those particular colors are my favorites and always bring a smile to my face. I truly love the way you have displayed them - the wow factor is off the charts!

The little child size pieces are adorable!



One more thing: I didn't know about Hall's Victorian Teapot line - they are just beautiful!



I much prefer these Hall "Victorian" teapots over all of those other gold embellished varieties. Their shapes and colors are wonderful. (There are also a couple of styles that come in pink.) Plus, they're a less popular Hall line, so sometimes you can snap them up for a song!


If it isn't a good "wow", they have no taste! That is a fabulous collection. I love that turquoise McCoy blue!

My friend Donna had a similar collection except hers was all planters. She displayed it in her dining room and I always had that "wow" feeling whenever I saw it! When she moved a few years ago, the truck hauling the collection caught fire and she lost all but one piece. I think I was more upset than she was.



Lemon Tree Tami

Ooooooh this is such an amazing collection of gorgeous teals, turquoise, aqua and greens - my favorite colors!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I agree. Wow! You have a stunning collection that is so calming and soothing. You must smile every time you walk into that room!

Susan Freeman

"WOW"!!! And I mean that in the best possible way. You have a beautiful collection. I also love the child sized pieces in that sweet little hutch. It all looks so tranquil and serene. Thanks for the lovely post!

Susan and Bentley

Sandy McClay

This is one of the most beautiful pottery collections I have ever seen! And the way you display them is wonderful! Who says they have to be in a kitchen? My husband is not going to be happy that I saw this post! LOL Truly special!!!!!

Brenda Kula

I felt relaxed just gazing at those beachy blue colors.

Lemony Renee'

This is so lovely and fresh looking. "Wow!"

Tamarah Charter

Hello Susan....!

I've always admired your pretty teapots....Such YUMMY colours....!! If you ever decide to part with them I'd be happy to take them off your hands & give them a new home...!!

Cheers & smiles from Australia,
Tamarah :o)


Do you have any of the Sandwich glass? Saw these at the Met recently with my kids and thought they were fab.

Gazing at your pottery collection is almost as restorative as gazing upon the calm blue horizon.



NO I am a collector SO there is NO way you are crazy!! hehehe It takes a collector to understand one!
Love all your blues and greens! They are lovely!!
Hugs, Lisa

C. Dianne Zweig

What a lovely collection.....Dianne


Wow-Za! Just beautiful, I love how they look all displayed together. I think my fave is the dainty little embossed pitcher :)
Smiles, DianeM

black eyed susans kitchen

Susan, It took me a minute to get my jaw off the floor! Your collection is fantastic! I have a small collection of pottery in the same color scheme, and now I know why I like it so much...it is a wonderfully calming color to gaze upon.
♥, Susan


'Wow" - True, you may never know which way people mean that exclamation. Funny, but one of the greatest compliments I have ever received is when a few different people have come into my home and said "It looks like an antique store."
I don't think they meant it as a compliment, but I took it that way nonetheless! Ha Ha to them.


Beautiful color! absolutely love each & every piece, especially the mini pieces! Great weather we're having here in CT * rain rain and more rain and then more snow * ugh! Susan, could you change my blog address on your blogroll. I've recently revamped and it's now at www.SentimentallyMe.blogspot.com Thanks so much, and have a wonderful weekend!

Mom Wald

It is a "that is stunningly beautiful" wow. Thanks for showing a vintage with modern life example. Being married to a computer geek makes creating a soothing environment challenging in some areas.

kimberly shaw

It's been fun visiting your blog today. Love the vintage aprons with the your narrative while discovering all their charm as you ironed them. Your collection of blue and green pottery is divine, definitely a good "WOW!" and all my favorite colors.

martha brown

Hey! Your collection is fabulous! I collect these same colours. I have a lot of fiesta thrown in there too.......

Colleen Crowley

Love your ideas, I have many wonderful old aprons, some handmade by my grandmother. I have never known how to display them in my tiny kitchen, but think hanging a few of them on the wall with clothespins could work. Thank you

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