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March 01, 2010


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The overall pillow looks so charming and fun! Every glance at it will bring a smile to your face.



Brilliant! You can enjoy the gift in a new and engaging way. I, too, have a bib-front denim wrap jumper that was hand-embroidered. I'll never wear it but couldn't part with it. I may just have to "try this at home".

Susan Freeman

What a great idea! Now you will be able to still enjoy your overalls without having to actually wear them.

Susan and Bentley


Susan~that is a terrific idea. It
looks great in your chair. It will
put a smile on your face. To cute.


Your pillow is fabulous! As I was reading, I didn't look ahead and was thrilled with the way you pulled it all together. You are a very creative girl!


that is so cute!


I LOVE your pillow!!
It's gorgeous :)
Smiles, DianeM


I love your pillow! What a great way to re-purpose something sentimental!

Shelley Wright

Hope you don't mind- I pinned your button bouquets on Pinterest because they're too cute to keep to myself:)

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