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April 20, 2010


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Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I am in love with that corner of your studio! And that tablecloth with the tumbling strawberries is gorgeous. After reading this post, it's obvious that I need to start displaying my collection instead of storing them somewhere that they can't be seen and enjoyed every day, like yours!


So pretty!! Thanks for sharing.


Susan~ mine are stacked on my tall
pot rack in the corner of my kitchen. Some are hanging on my
oven and some on my Hoosier. I
love vintage linens they are my
downfall. I have a lot that was
my mom's and I have collected a
lot too. I love the cherry one
on your ladder. I just knew you
were going to say it was in your
esty...oh well maybe next time.:O)


What a gorgeous display! So many tablecloths... you are a lucky girl.

Brenda Kula

Oh my word! Made my heart go pitter-patter. For I ADORE vintage tablecloths. Wish I could find a ladder like that.


They are beautiful. Vintage tablecloths are too pretty to be stored in a closet or drawer!


I love vintage tablecloths too. I especially love those with a lot of blue or green in them. I keep mine folded in a large basket in the dining room.


I just love vintage and repro tablecloths....I am going to put some on a rack in my laundry room, but I need to get a piece like your pie safe, but it has to be on the small side...I have mine stashed away in a closet...no fun!!!!! Thanks for this post, it was fun!


I just love the look of them on the ladder & the hanging rack. Such a cheerful display!

Mom Wald

Nicely done! It's a shame when people have a beautiful collection and keep it hidden in a closet. Thank you for showing people the wonderful things that can be done while "they're waiting their turn".

Elizabeth Holcombe

SO inspiring! I need to do something with my tablecloths and you've inspired me!~~XXOO, Beth

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Beautiful! They were all very good ideas...and making me think that I will pull some of my favorites out of the closet and put them on display.
♥, Susan

kimberly shaw

Your tablecloth collection is amazing and you've displayed them beautifully. I'm inspired! I'm hopping over to your etsy shop where I'm hoping to find the tablecloth with the little pink rosebuds, adorable!


My favorite is to just stack them on an open shelf so you can see the folded ends, like in your pie safe. Love it!
xo, suzy


Wonderful idea! I need to find an old ladder, I want a corner like yours. :)

massage table sheets

How much do you spend for your collection? It seems that you have a lot of table cloth. I guess you love table cloth with colorful flower prints.


ah, vintage tablecloths are my weakness. love yours. my great grandma gave me her antique hope chest along with some of her tablecloths. i always keep one on my table. my growing collection is in my buffet and on a childs vintage plastic clothes drying rack.


I really like all your pictures of tablecloths, especially the vintage ladder where it is wider at the bottom and narrows towards the top.
Thanks for sharing


These are beautiful tablecloths! Do you happen to know of a tablecloth rental business that I could check out? I just need to rent some for wedding. Thanks for your help!

Beatrice Relvas

What a beautiful collection!
I'm jealous!! :)

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