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June 28, 2010


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Oh My Gosh Susan~ I love aprons. I
have a collection of them and I also have my mom's and my grandma's. One of Grandma's she made out of really pretty rose
handkerchiefs. She made it in the 50's. If only they could talk,I
know the stories would be very
interesting and funny too. ":O)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

The pictures of the aprons on the clothesline are the prettiest I've seen in a long time! I love aprons too. My Grandma wore one every day, and I'm so happy to have one of hers to treasure forever. And it's pink!


Not only do I love aprons, but I actually wear them. A bib apron with pockets is so practical for house cleaning and cooking. Even if you're wearing a t-shirt and jeans, it will keep you cleaner, it's an instant hand towel and you have pockets as a catch-all. Of course, if you don't cook and clean, they make pretty collector's items!


They protect my clothes, are femine, and I am always drying my hands on them (for shame;-) )

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Aprons bring back memories of my Nana...my fathers mother. She actually taught me to revel in domestic happiness. My mother was a very modern woman and although she was a terrific cook, there was nothing homey or homespun about her. I love the different styles and prints that the vintage aprons were made from....an art form in themselves.
♥, Susan


HI SUSAN!!! Hope all is well with you!! I also LOVE aprons!! I have some that my mom made and wore while she worked in the kitchen of a hospital while I was growing up. She always "perked up" her otherwise boring white uniform with her own very special apron! I also have an apron my son (now 34) made while in 7th gr. home ec class...another special apron...and I USE it!! Then there's one my dear friend made for me from an old (and damaged) tablecloth...also a favorite!! I prefer the bib-style cuz I'm too heavy in the waist area for the cute ones you displayed!

Loved your apron post!!! dana


Hi Dana,
Thanks for your sweet comment! I love hearing about all of your apron memories!

Rebecca Jean

Do you suppose they have Apron Addict Anonymous
meetings? Hello. My name is Rebecca Jean and I am an apron addict.

Aprons are wonderful. They always make household chores a little more cheery. I have way more than one woman needs, but I think I need a few more.

Love seeing yours on the line!

Rebecca Jean

Mom Wald

Delightful post! My favorite for a very, very loong time, anywhere!


I have a collection of over 500 vintage aprons and I wear one almost everyday. I've been collecting them for over 15 years. I love everything about them.

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