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October 06, 2010


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Susan - so sad to see a beautiful building in such sad shape. Bet the owner wishes he/she had you back.


The building has charm, character and potential. I don't understand why these old buildings aren't valued more.

Heather Craig

It kills me to see a place that was once visibly loved turned into a discarded piece of waste.

It just breaks my heart.

Your landlord could have kept you until the last possible moment and everyone would have been happy. I am guessing that the building will never be demolished now.


It's so sad that they made you move out, and now are looking for someone else to move in!! Crazy! It must have been hard to go back and see it falling into disrepair. Hugs to you.


Susan that is such a beautiful place. Some people do not appreciate something that cannot
be replaced. I can see why you
were there to begin with and I
bet he wishes you were back.":O)


I had the most wonderful afternoon tea at your lovely cottage a few years ago. It saddened me to read about your closing and so hoped you might reopen elsewhere. With so many tearooms closing in my area (CT shoreline), I no longer have any places to enjoy my favorite pastime of going to tea with friends, unless we go into Manhatten. So sorry to see the sad condition of your delightful shop.


Hi Liz,
Many thanks for your kind words regarding my shop. It was a special place!
Warmest regards,

Alejamuel Sultz

You've made the right choice, Susan! Indeed, the roof and sidings made the house more elegant. That beautiful house definitely deserves to be restored to its former glory and beauty. Also, the purple flowers in front of the house are quite a nice touch!

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