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November 01, 2010


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black eyed susans kitchen

Susan, This is one of my favorite stores. Unfortunately, I have to practice way too much self control. Great pictures!
♥, Susan

Sandy McClay

OMG! This is the kind of store that just takes my breath away!!!! I will have to write this store on my Bucket List!!!! Thanks for all of the cool photos!!!!!


Makes me wish I lived closer. Looks like a very interesting
store. ":O)


I've always loved Fishs Eddy. I've been going there off and on for years. I still have a little restaurant ware saucer with a pine tree motif that I bought there.

Have to go back soon!



Great photos. Capture exactly Fishs Eddy's appeal. On my 1st trip I bought 10 of those tiny colorful bowls. How did I live without them before?

Susan Freeman

What a wonderful store. I could spend hours in there. Thanks for the virtual visit!!

Susan and Bentley

Tanya Ndip

It was nice meeting you Susan and your team. I hope you stop in again real soon!
Best Wishes,
Tanya Ndip - Fishs Eddy Greeter!


Thanks Tanya! Nice meting you, too.

My "team" was actually my husband, son, nephew, and niece's boyfriend. They were so patient while I took all those pictures, weren't they?

All the best,


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