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December 17, 2010


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black eyed susans kitchen

Susan, Leave it to you to find such an interesting book! Now I will have to find a copy to read too. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your time with Hannah.
♥, Susan

Susan Freeman

We have tossed away some lovely traditions. What a delightful read for a snowy afternoon. Thanks for the tip!

Susan and Bentley

Brenda Kula

It sounds delightful! Let us know. Merry Christmas to you!


adding this to my christmas reading list. What a fun book.
linens lace and lattes


That book has been put on my list. It sounds right up my alley!



Wonderful book, I will have to look for that one. I have calling
cards in the foyer and a cuckoo
clock in the den, but hubby has
threaten to shoot my little bird
several times. I haven't even
made a fire yet this season. I'm
sure I will next week because the
twins will be here, schools out.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com

This looks positively brilliant. I just found it today while searching Amazon. Then when I searched the net for more details I found your lovely blog. I am seriously considering buying it :) Did you ever pick up a copy?

Kris Silicone

What a treasure of a find. I must confess, that modern technology is a wonder, but sometimes I wish we could all go back and enjoy the simple life of yesteryear before cell phones, computers and the such.

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