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January 31, 2011


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Colleen Shipler

I LOVE this post! I do collect vintage teapots and have never seen these teapots- the styles and colors are fabulous. Thanks so much- I'm just drooling over them. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.


Hi Colleen,
So nice to hear from a fellow teapot collector!
Thanks for your kind words,


These are so lovely - and the colors are really neat. I'll have to keep my eye out for them. Thanks for all the interesting information about them.



OMG...OMG...OMG....thats oh my goodness by the way....You are speaking my language. I collect Hall Blue Bouquet china. How I got started was I inherited my grandma's aladdin teapot so I took it from there. I have close to 200 pieces. Grandma and Grandpa use to drink Standard coffee and they gave coupons that you could redeem for items and that's how grandma got her teapot. The last time I looked that teapot was valued at about $200. I am always on the look for Blue Bouquet. I have another white Hall teapot also. I love,love,love Hall China.


Elsie-- I'll have to keep my eye out for Hall Blue Bouquet items for you. When are you going to start your own blog so that we can see YOUR wonderful collections? Or at least put some pictures up on Flickr for us to drool over!

Mom Wald

Thanks for the information. Your collection is so lovely together. They look so much better than the photos in the Hall books. I have a couple newer Hall mystery dishes here.

It would be great to visit the company and "closet".


I found your Hall mystery dish at this link!

Mom Wald

Wow, I could not figure out how to navigate their site before. You are very talented. Thanks ever so much!


I really love this teapot collection of yours. The colors and shapes are so pretty!


Thank you - I really enjoyed this lovely post, and learned more about teapots.

Over 35 years ago, we stopped at an antique store in Tulsa. This was before antique malls and even though I really liked old things, I'd never ventured into the store. There was a really lovely teapot with crosshatching and shamrocks (I think). When I asked how much it was, the owner knocked my socks off when she said $250.00, which is twice what our apartment rent was. It must have been a highly collectible piece, or she didn't want to sell it. Wish I remembered what she called it. (I didn't buy it.)


I have a vintage Hall teapot, all I know is that its a Cleveland #0146/ 5 cups and has a matching trivet, its nice to see some one else likes the vintage Hall teapots,some day I would like to know more about my pot.
Thanks for a great site


I forgot to say the pot is pink with gold trim and butterflies.


Thank you Susan for the help with the ID to my teapot, its aways nice when you find someone who likes to help when they can

Anne at Kitschy Vintage

Thanks, Susan, for this post -- it looks like I came to the party a year late! I just picked up a Hall Murphy and was researching it and your post gave me LOTS of information. Thanks again!


Really like your pie keep, do you know if the Elephant's trunk going to be open this year, I was told it may not open at all in 2012, I find some of the best 50s stuff there

Fay Blackstone

Love this!! I have a Benjamin and it has a tiny white spot on the front. It doesn't feel rough but seems the glaze didn't quite cover this teeny place. Is this considered a flaw or second?


So glad to find this post! I have an unmarked teapot that looks just like the "Birch" and have often wondered who manufactured it. I love the blues and greens in this collection.


thank you, lovely and informative post


Do you have a Hall's red football teapot, the early ones?

Joy Wolfe

I purchased the "green birch" @ an auction yesterday, thinking it was sold as a Hull piece. After researching, and finding your site, I am delighted to find that I have a treasure. As a Hull, I would have given it to my daughter as a gift, as she collects those. But I get to keep it and brew my tea in the beautiful Connie green pot!

Melba Wood

Love your teapots. I have the blue Birch, purchased by my Mother, for her Mother,
in about 1953-1954. She bought it at a five and dime in Chillicothe, TX.

Margie Burdick

Enjoying your information as I get more educated on vintage items. Zero teapot experience, but I've happened on your page and the blue teapot I was trying to identify appears to be Birch except it has some gold markings. Haven't found a picture like that yet. No circle mark underneath but in gold, HALL 0042 6 CUP MADE IN U.S.A. Concerned if reproduction or could it be the Thornley you described? Gold is minimal - only on lid and surrounding the lid opening. Straight lines that form a reverse flower image.

Kathy Thomas

Is there a Hall Teapot Collectors group in Cleveland OH? I have 2 beautiful Hall Teapots from the 1930s that I would be happy to sell to a collector. One of them was a gift to my grandmother for her birthday in 1934. The other is from the closing of a convent. Thank you for any information you may offer!

sue holland

Does the Connie Birch have any value? It is is perfect condition. Looks like it has never been used. I love the color and seems like a well made teapot.

T-Party Antiques

Yes, it is a lovely teapot! However, not terribly valuable. 

Rebecca Rebeske

I have a vintage Hall teapot that was my great grandmothers. I cannot find anything in my searches that looks like it. I did notice the hall logo is pressed into the ceramics instead of stamped. Would that help determine the age?

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