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March 14, 2011


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Hi Susan! Wow it's been a while since I've been able to type. Dad's been in and out of the hospital with breathing trouble every month this year so far and I'm seem to always be up here at Mom and Dad's helpin out since he's so tired and mom has trouble gettin around with her knees.
Anyhoo...I was catchin up on your pasts posts...great as always....
Love that piesafe and all the goodies saved inside...and the shelf paper;) I just got a new....
'old' mag from the 50's.... and they have an ad for shelf paper showing 4 different designs...I'm thinking if copying them and making my own since vintage is realllly hard to find around here.
Now, you have asked a very good question...why collect?...........
Most of my collections stem from childhood memories of Greatparents
farms, Grandparents homes, time spent in the kitchens. Old timey gardens filled with what are know heirloom plants and veggies and yes garden accents are now what would be flea market finds. Our families spent a lot of time outdoors so outdoor decor was a must. And, yes all those vintage
textiles do give a lot of inspiration.


That pie safe is the perfect way to showcase your favorite things.

I have things scattered throughout the house. 2 chin cabinets display vintage china and McCoy pottery. I have little shelves that hold my vintage egg cups. My bride and groom cake toppers are in the cabinet in the studio.

The McCoy is also on top of cupboards, on the piano, on table tops, used as containers in the studio....



Susan I love your pie safe but you
sure have a lot of room in it...teehee. Mine is crammed in so
you really can't tell what I have.
I know that's not good but it just
happens when you've been collecting as long as I have. Melody is right our collecting stems from number one "Great Parents" and number two "Great
Grandparents", you know you always like to find something your
mom or grandma had. Funny how when
you are a little girl some things sort of stick in your mind and then when you grow up you
got to have a little bit of what
intrigued you so. I guess it didn't take much to impress me when I was a young girl. My grandpa was a teacher and principal anyway he had a very large desk that had a bookshelf underneath it. I used to sit under there and look at all those books even though I couldn't read.
The desk ended up at my Uncle's house which burned to the ground.
I did the same thing with my Hoosier my hubby made, I had copper screen in it and I put glass so I wouldn't have to dust so often.


Love your pie safe, Susan! I'm with you, I like real vintage, even if it's a bit stained, rusty, or scratched up! I collect teapots, cookie jars, wooden spools, and lots of other things that tickle my fancy!


I LOVE your pie safe!!! All of the treasures you have inside make me smile too. It's a great collection!

I collect Fiesta ware, amethyst depression glass and vintage Pyrex. I have them displayed throughout the house in various cabinets 1 is old (late 1800's), 1 is vintage (1940's), and the last two are made by my husband. He does a fantastic job woodworking. I've been trying for years to get him to make me a pie safe with glass doors!
Maybe if I show him how awesome yours looks, he'll get inspired-LOL!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy

I love the lining of each shelf.


That is a nice cabinet. Great way to display. It makes me smile to look at. Thank you for sharing!!


Your pie safe is wonderful-I love the colors. I also like real vintage and like to use all my kitchen stuff. I love the shelf paper edging in your cabinet. I have a pie safe that I keep my jadite in. Love glass doors, too!Thanks for sharing this!


I love your collections! I think I collect because my mom DIDN'T! She never saved anything and didn't like "old things". I do have some vintage from my grandparents but they came from other relatives who saved them for me. Now that my mom is living with me though, she has more appreciation for my collections and even loves some of the things I collect.

Linda Evans

wow, I love your collections, the colors, assortment of styles, just everything, looks awesome!

Diane (Vruwink) Carlson

I love your pie safe! I also REALLY love your shelf edging!!! Would you share with me where you got that? I would be ever so grateful!

Thanks, and hugs from Michigan!


Hi Diane-- Thanks for your kind words! I found the shelf liner at a flea market many years ago. But I'd bet you can find some on eBay. Simply search for "vintage shelf liner" or "vintage shelf paper."

Leann Richardson (Alabama)

Wow! I think this is a pie safe my mom and step dad and myself made about 10 years ago. I was searching for pie safes on Pinterest and ran across this. :)

Shauna Q

Love this cabinet. Can you share it dimensions?

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