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July 01, 2011


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I love looking at your post!
You have such great finds.
In the area of Canada that I live in it's so hard to find such great stuff.
Your blog is a real feast for the eye!

Mandy Collins

What a cool find, growing up in the Cape we had very small local parades and events where folks would decorate their cars and cruise the main street, so much more fun than heading to the local chain store for off the rack mass merchandise


Yep we made our costumes out of what we had. Mom was pretty crafty, guess she had to be. Good thing there was only 2 of us.
Last time I made a paper hat was in the 90's for a humpty dumpty I made. I still have it. Love your page, that is really neat. You always find the coolest things.


Oops forgot to say "Happy 4th".

Candy Apple Crafts

That reminds me of a book I once read on crafts from the Great Depression. My grandad grew up in that era and loved (actually preferred) making things by hand. Thanks for sharing!


Many years ago while I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, our son fashioned an entire pilgrim's costume out of paper grocery bags and construction paper. Even shoes with "buckles" on them. I still have the costume. That was the best holiday!--Cheryl


Cheryl-- Love that story!

Mom Wald's Place

You are so much fun, Happy Independence Day!

I am so happy. I finally figured out how to get typepad blogs to show up in my google reader. Now I will pop by more often!

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