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August 02, 2011


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You are so lucky, Susan. That is one gorgeous piece of furniture.
The only thing I saw on my walk today was a dead frog.:)


Lucky you! That is such a nice piece.


Boy Susan I have been there, done that before. I love your showcase.
Is it home made? I need that for my dolls or my tin toys or........oh well I guess it really does look good in your studio. You lucky duck....yep it was meant to be. I always tell myself it was meant to be if it is there when you get back to pick it up. I got a really cool vintage chair on my walk not long ago. I am always on the watch for freebies at "curbies".


That's when my morning walk would have turned into my morning run. A record setting run for sure :->


Such a lucky find-- I love what you did with it!


That's fantastic. I've hunted for a small case like that...what a beauty. You must be living right!!

Shabby Vintage Junk

WONDERFUL find Susan....I would have stopped for this one for sure....!!

Tamarah :o)


That is an amazing find, Susan! Wow! Display cases like this are so neat and this one looks great in your studio.


Musings from Kim K.

You lucky lucky lady! That's an incredible find on the curbside.


Lucky, lucky you! What a neat thing to find! That display case is beautiful and it looks perfect in your work area. I love it when things are 'saved'!


How fortunate that you beat the dump truck. I can't understand how people can throw perfectly good pieces away...maybe growing up with parents who went through the Depression has its advantages, since I always try to think if someone else could use what I don't want. Sometimes, that makes getting rid of things harder to do, but it seems so much better to pass it on. One man's trash is another man's treasure sure seems appropriate, though who would think that piece was trash is beyond me.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

That has got to be the best trash-picked item ever! Glad it found its way to a loving home; it definitely deserves it!


Wow! That is one of the best side-of-the-road finds I've ever seen. I just posted about my find last week on my blog, too:



Shock! How can someone put that out for trash? At the very least take it to an antique store and get some money or donate it. But, it was meant for you! It pays to walk...I found a $20 and $10 bill on separate walks, but the only thing decent I have seen in the trash that I rescued was a vintage wood doll crib with cute decal. I have a few vintage doll cribs so I spotted this blue one right away & popped it in my car...it just needed the dowels reglued.
I wish we had such nice views to walk in...now, I just do the treadmill at the gym..boring!

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