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August 01, 2011


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Susan I never tire of looking at those beautiful pictures. I am in awe with my eyes bugged out. Oh how I would love to visit MV. I've only seen it in magazines and on t.v. and now your blog, but this makes it more real. You have beautiful children, oops I mean young people. I am so glad they got to join you. I now look back at all of our vacation pictures when my kids were young and it is so fun to show their children.


I've really enjoyed the photos...and dreaming of going someday. I'd also like some of those 3 dolr flawrs!!


Beautiful photos! On the Vineyard, I often find I'm too "busy" relaxing and I don't take many photos. Yours are inspiring!

Musings from Kim K.

Such beautiful pictures. What a lovely vacation destination. Even better that your children were able to be with you too. We're heading to Mackinac Island later this week and I can't wait to experience the island with the girls again.


You can never gush, or talk about the Vineyard too much :) Love the photos.


Your vacation looks like heaven to me. What a fantastic place Martha's Vineyard must be. :)


I'll never get tired of your gushing of MV...I wish I could visit it...it looks wonderful! The screen door on the cute fish market makes my heart leap...I grew up with a wooden screen door and the sound of it still makes me yearn for those carefree summer days and simple things.

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