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November 08, 2011


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black eyed susans kitchen

This was one of my original favorite posts from your blog...of course many have become favorites since.


Susan I love Hoosiers, hubby made me one a long time ago because down South you couldn't find them anywhere. That was about 30 yr. ago, now there everywhere and I can't get rid of mine because he made it. He used the side of my mom's old stove for the top and the old copper screen from an old
elementary school that I went to.
Since then I have put glass in the top to hold down the dust, the things you learn when you get old.LOL. My girlfriend has a Hoosier like yours in your home. Hers is painted green. One glass was missing and her hubby copied the other one and frosted it the same. He is an artist by the way.
Love your post on the Hoosiers.
Thanks for sharing.


Your Hoosiers are how I found your blog some time back. I googles and up you came! I have been reading since. They are great ones!
I have been called a Hoosier Hoarder! I collect them to restore. Only I haven't had time to get to any for some time. I have two that I keep in the house and they are the ones I won't part with. I have pictures of them on my blog.
Do you know the maker of the oak one you are keeping? I have one like it that needs restore, but it isn't as wide. For some reason, I think it is made by McDougall but I can't remember why I thought that!

Have a great weekend


My cabinet does not have any maker's tags or markings. But I have been told that, although it wasn't made by the Hoosier Company, it is an I-X-L cabinet made in Goshen Indiana by the company of that same name. They sold them on their own and through the Montgomery Wards catalog.


Love Hoosiers, and love seeing photos of your tea room - looking forward to reading your post!

Tiffany Parkins

Have you had any luck in dating your oak hoosier? I just inherited my grat-grandmothers and it is identical to yours. I am so curious about this piece and can find nothing. I was so excited when I found you pictures and posts.

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